Saturday, January 29, 2011

Maggie Gallagher links abortion with anal sex

Via Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon, columnist (and co-founder of the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage) Maggie Gallagher attempts to draw a link between legalized abortion and anal sex.
Overall 16 percent of young adult women say they’ve been diagnosed with depression. Among those who have 10 or more lifetime partners, 32 percent say they’ve been diagnosed with depression. Among those who’ve had 10 or more partners in the past year, almost half say they’ve been diagnosed with depression. 

If less-committed sex makes women feel bad, why do they do it?
Because even according to the statistics she cites, most of them don't feel bad about it.  She assumes that the casual sex is what causes the depression, but the reverse seems at least as likely.  People often seek external validation through sex.
Well, Regnerus and Uecker provocatively ask, why do a growing number of young women engage in anal sex? By age 23, 33 percent of never-married young women in the Add Health survey say they’ve had anal sex (white women are the most likely). When asked if they enjoy it “very much,” just 15 percent of women who’ve tried it say yes. So why do women do it?
Because 15 percent of them enjoy it "very much" and I imagine that the percentage of women who enjoy it "somewhat" is probably pretty high considering the fact that the number isn't provided.   Is there any evidence that a high percentage of the women who tried it and didn't like it continue to engage in it?

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